The Wolf Pack Schedule 2023

Organized hikes are scheduled for Tuesdays and run from June through September. Additional ad hoc hikes are frequently organized among members.

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What is Expected: No one should attend a hike unless they are in shape to climb up and down hills. All hikers are expected to be able to follow hiking directions and not hold up the group or run too far ahead. To determine if you should be joining an off mountain hike use the following Wolf Laurel hike as a barometer. You should be able to hike from the beginning of Nature Trail to the top of Big Bald in under 3 hours.

You will need proper equipment: fannypack/backpack, ample water and food, poles, medical supplies (bee stings, falls, blisters), sun screen, repellent, foul weather gear, hiking boots and proper clothing.

Carpools are formed for hikes outide of Wolf Laurel. Base on rising fuel prices, expect to chip in $5 per person if you are not driving.

* denotes hike leader prefers you reply to the email they send out a few days ahead of the hike date.
Date Leader(s) Hike Dist ° Difficulty Meet Place Time
6/6/23 Bill Schroeder Rocky Fork 6 easy Village 8:30 AM
6/13/23 Michele Hunt* Devils Fork to Flint Mnt 5.5 moderate Village 8:30 AM
6/20/23 Tim Carrigan Tanyard Gap to Rich Mnt Fire Tower 6 moderate Village 8:30 AM
6/27/23 Joe Capers 6th Symphony 3.25 moderate Big Bald Parking Lot 8:30 AM
7/4/23 No Hike
7/11/23 Mary Lovely Laurel Creek 7 easy Village 8:30 AM
7/18/23 Susan Peacock Douglas Falls 5.3 moderate Village 8:00 AM
7/25/23 Russ/Marylou* Sam Knob 3 moderate Village 8:00 AM
8/1/23 Rick Zinter Baily Mountain 5 moderate Village 8:00 AM
8/8/23 Cancelled - Rain
8/15/23 Cancelled - Rain
8/22/23 Tim Carrigan Pump Gap Loop (Hot Springs) 5.1 moderate Village 8:00 AM
8/29/23 Terry Deal Rock Creek Falls 4.9 moderate Village 8:00 AM
9/5/23 Bruce Fisher Little Bald 4 moderate Big Bald Parking Lot 8:00 AM

A little background: The Wolf Pack began before 2003 purportedly as an activity for women on Tuesdays when husbands were playing golf on Men's Day.

That may be, but goals were and continue to include fitness, friendship, adventure, and a love of nature. According to Sally Ling's article in the Fort Lauderdale South Florida Sun (Oct. 12, 2003), five women made up the Wolf Pack originally and besides hiking easier trails on Tuesdays, they also hiked more difficult trails on Saturdays.

Lois Lynn Bellemare, a Wolf Laurel resident until October 2021, was on the very first hike. The group soon grew to 12 members, and of course today includes many more members as well as men.