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Nature Trail to Big Bald

In and Out, 4.00 Miles Each Way, 8.00 Total  Get Directions »

This is one of many variations where the hike begins or ends at the Wolf Laurel Rd trailhead, appends the connector trail to the Appalachian Trail and/or beyond. On this particular hike when you get to the AT, you turn right and proceed norteast approximately 2.5 miles to the Big Bald summit.

Breaking this hike apart;
Trailhead to the end, 1.15
Connector trail to the AT, 0.3
AT to Painted Ridge Dr, 0.8
Painted Ridge to Big Bald Rd, 0.85
Big Bald Rd to summit, 0.9

Painted Ridge can be identified by large powerlines overhead and spur trail to right
Big Bald Rd is marked by a double white blaze with a short spur trail to the right