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Little Bald Mnt

In and Out, 1.84 Miles Each Way, 3.68 Total  Get Directions »

Some locals will tell you that Little Bald is the hill immediately adjacent to Big Bald heading east on the Appalachian Trail. After all it looks a lot like the top of Big Bald, just not as high. Don't believe them, it's another 2 miles down the trail. And it's not very bald which causes one to ask how it got it's name. Some sources indicate it was artificially cleared once upon a time and the name has forever stuck.

This hike begins and ends at the Big Bald parking lot. Head north from the parking lot 1/4 mile and take a right on the AT which ascends upwards through a meadow passing a series of wooden poles with white AT blazes for the purpose of assisting hikers through thick fog.

On the other side of the hill that is not Little Bald you'll descend down through a few switchbacks into the forest. You'll expeirience passing through a few beautiful corridors beneath the trees along this part of the trail. At about the 1/2 point Bald Mtn shelter will be marked on your left. There is also a reliable wather source marked along that spur trail.