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Big Bald Loop

Loop, 1.55 Miles  Get Directions »

Beginning at the Big Bald Parking lot, the most popular route is to proceed around the locked gate and down the gravel road for just over 1/4 mile. Take an immediate left, and look for the steps and a white blaze marking the Appalachian Trail on your left.

Follow the trail to the summit of Big Bald and after enjoying the amazing view continue west on the AT which will begin to decend into the forest.

The trail will, in places, become very rocky. In all cases take caution but more so in wet weather when the rocks can be slightly slippery. Hiking poles are not required, but recommened, which can aid in keeping your balance.

After a fairly steep decline, the trail will start to flatten out so begin to look left for a spur trail with a blue blaze. This is considered the alternate route for north bound hikers in snow or icy conditions where hiking up the back side of Big Bald is not recommended.

Take the spur trail which will lead you back to the Big Bald parking lot. Note that the trail at that point is 500' lower than the parking lot so be prepared for that elevation gain which happens in a reasonably short distance. Stop and take a break whenever your body requires it.