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Big Bald & Back

In and Out, 0.62 Miles Each Way, 1.24 Total  Get Directions »

This is probably the most popular hike on the mountain. Keep in mind that the summit can get somewhat windy. Total elevation gain from parking lot to summit is 300'.

You begin at the Big Bald parking lot and proceed north through the right side of a locked gate. Proceed approximately 100 yards and follow the gravel road to the left. Look immediately left for a set of steps going up. At that point you are on the Appalacian Trail.

Continue up the trail which eventually comes to another set of steps and takes a right turn. You'll eventually end up back at a gravel road, which you can use to hike to the summit, or continue straight and stay on the AT, which is slightly longer and takes you to the same place.

Once you reach the summit, enjoy the 360 degree view. Looking ahead, which is south, note the Black Mountains in the distance. This is the highest mountain range east of the Rockies.
There are several mountains over 6500' in elevation including Mt Michell which is the highest mountain east of the Rockies at 6684'.

This hike assumes when you're ready to leave you go back the way you came. Another option is to continue on the Appalachian Trail down the back side of Big Bald which is described further in the Big Bald Loop.